Sweet Sleep exists to demonstrate God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, improving their quality of life.

We’re answering the complex and severe need for health, dignity, security, and rest with a simple concept that works.

Think about the comfort your own bed provides, or what it means for your kids. It’s something that can easily be taken for granted. We exhaust ourselves daily with our busy lives, but most of us know we always have a place to rest. We know it’s safe, free from worry, clean – and that’s our standard.

Millions of orphaned and vulnerable kids across the globe that have no option but to sleep on concrete, packed clay earth, soiled and shredded foam, or broken down pre-Soviet era beds. It’s hard to know what that feels like, but it’s easy to see that providing beds goes far beyond what would otherwise be a luxury. Even more so, it’s easier to see the smile on these kids’ faces and feel that our journey goes deeper than the data.



Many of the children we serve are HIV+ and/or constantly suffering from malaria. Because of a complete lack of sanitation, the contaminated earth contributes to intestinal worm infestations. Giving a bed means these kids will be protected from the cold, malaria, and biting insects (against which an HIV+ child has very little defense). This can literally save lives in conditions such as these. When a child is not fighting malaria, he or she can be found in school. And when a child’s wound is able to heal, they are able to run, dance, and enjoy life.


When Sweet Sleep teams travel overseas to provide beds, the children are shown that they have great value. A bed gives dignity to a child who has been told lies about their worth through their circumstances. By giving them something considered reserved for only the wealthy in many countries, they see they are worthy of a better life – one worth continuing and rebuilding.


Orphaned and vulnerable children have typically experienced more trauma than many of us will ever know. With the compounding fears these kids experience, finally having a bed and Bible to call their own accomplishes a sense of safety and comfort that’s otherwise rare to find. In this environment it’s like giving them a new home; a place to call their own. In the United States, when children have to be removed from their home, they can often be taken in by a relative, keeping them out of the foster care system. But a bed is a requirement for home placement. Providing a bed to these children actually keeps them in their own family.


Maybe the most obvious of the values these beds provide can also be the most beautiful. There is no substitute to the feeling of being refreshed and recovered. We often don’t realize it’s a necessity for enjoying and cherishing life. The majority of children we serve spend much of their day on basic survival. Give them true rest, and you give them the opportunity to create, share, explore, learn – all around flourish. Now think about the fact that this goes beyond the individual when you find more kids in school and giving back to their local communities each and every day because they’ve been rejuvenated.


Sweet Sleep began as a response to the need for clean, safe places to sleep for orphaned and abandoned children. What started as one need in one country has turned into more than a decade of ministry in seven countries including the United States and over 27,600 beds distributed globally.

Through intentional partnerships and ministries, we’ve found the most effective delivery methods for where we work that also benefit local economics and build long-term community relationships. This allows us to maintain proper program control, establish accountability, and prove every project.