It’s A Boy


“It’s a boy.” That’s what you say when the baby boy arrives, right? So, if I say “It’s a boy” regarding Francis, that’s ok, right? Or maybe it says a little something about me. Maybe I just see this precious little boy with withered legs crawling up to me on two hands and two calloused knees as a thing, thereby … Read More

Lofty Campaign Slogans

Uganda Day 5-0626

Sweet Summer 17: Week 1, Day 4 Companies have long used lofty campaign slogans to sell their products. They promise a better life, freedom, happiness. They’re idealistic and sell a lifestyle more than the attributes of the product. Can sharing a Coke and a smile really teach the world to sing in perfect harmony? I’m not so sure. A few … Read More

Video: Living On A Dollar A Day

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Sweet Summer 17: Week 1, Day 3 Before being empowered by our Economic Development Program, our members would earn about $0.80 to $0.90 for a full day of hard manual labor — less than half the International Poverty Line, according to the World Bank. Sweet Sleep president, Madelene Metcalf, talks about what it’s like to live on a dollar a day. … Read More