A Salon, Candles, and Leadership

Today I visited with some ladies from two of our Co-Op groups in Kampala. My first stop was to see Mariam, who is a member of a poultry group that launched in the spring of 2017. In addition to working with the group poultry project, Mariam has opened her own hair salon with a loan that she took out from … Read More

Mary and Immanuel

Today we spent the day in northern Uganda serving a population of refugees from South Sudan by giving them Sweet Sleep beds. They were all precious and it was a truly remarkable day. Some have asked how the children are chosen to receive this gift. Sweet Sleep has in-country social workers that work within the villages and settlements to identify … Read More

No Borders In God’s Kingdom

As Day 3 of Uganda winds down to the end, I take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the day. We celebrated the sabbath with fellow believers in Gulu. We spent the morning in comfortable companionship worshiping our living Lord. A structure patched together with pieces of Corrugated metal with a tiny cut out serving as a lone … Read More


Sometimes, actually more often than we think, there’s no substitute for looking into someone’s eyes, for holding hands with a mother, hugging a child, or kneeling in the dirt outside a family’s home. Sometimes ideas can’t replace the tangible part of love that is being with people. The week I spent in Uganda, I experienced this present, ground-level, heart-tugging kind … Read More

Out of The Chicken CO-OP

Our Latest Field Report from Uganda: In Uganda, it is believed poverty is on the decline with the rate decreasing from 37.7% to 31.1%. While it is assumed the situation is improving, this is not the case for many women-headed households. Widows and individuals barely survive in the peri-rural and slum areas where most don’t have any stable income, and … Read More

Why They Are Vulnerable

Bumping down a dirt road in Uganda. Sweet Sleep works in villages not often served by other NGOs.

Dignity and Community

Christine, Chairwoman of the soap-making co-op. The theme of the day was dignity and community. Not food, education, or clean water. Addressing extreme poverty isn’t about meeting the tangible needs typically associated with it. It’s about restoring human dignity. We met with three of our newest economic development groups today, to hear about their struggles, but more importantly, to hear … Read More

Inside a Refugee Camp

Stuart McAlister, Director of Operations for Sweet Sleep, describes the South Sudanese refugee camp we visited Saturday.

Refugee Camp Visit

Working with our partners, we’re here to help rescue 50 girls from a very uncertain future in South Sudanese refugee camps, here in Uganda. South Sudan has been in various conflicts for years now. Most recently, the conflict in the world’s newest state of South Sudan has been a civil conflict between different factions of the government and opposition groups. … Read More

Refugee Rescue

Uganda is in the midst of the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. An estimated 1.3 million refugees have entered Uganda over the past 12 months. That’s the equivalent of the entire population of San Diego. Think about that number for a second… Most are fleeing famine in South Sudan, amassed in refugee camps near the Ugandan border, living in horrible conditions and … Read More