Worship Every Day


My journey to Uganda has been awesome. Of course the flight was long, but it was so worth it. God has allowed me to worship him every day on this trip. I am on the music team, and we have sung many praises to God. The children love to sing and already know many songs. Our favorites have been “My … Read More

Like Christmas

like christmas

I love the fact that God takes us out of our comfort zones. He didn’t make us to just be average. He knows what we are capable of with his power.  He is majestic in every way, and reflected throughout our day in all we do. It is amazing how you see him in every moment. We have begun our … Read More

A Week Of Love And Joy


10 July 2016 It is exactly one week since I stepped into pastor Ion (John) Groza’s little church in Crihana-Veche, Moldova. Our team is temporarily stranded at the airport in London as a result of a flight delay for reasons unknown. I think maybe it is His way of giving me time to begin this writing. A lot has happened … Read More

Camp Romantica


Moldova appears as a small, almost featureless country on the Eastern European maps. There are no great rivers or ocean ports in the country. It has little international strategic value, especially for Americans. We hardly ever hear of it. Quiet, unremarkable, and seemingly insignificant, there it appears on the maps. Ask the average American where it is and you get … Read More

Make Every Day Count


Although it started like all the other days, day 3 on our Ugandan mission trip was entirely different than the other days. Brooke led the morning devotion then we were off on a one-hour drive to the northwest. As we arrived, the people were assembled and waiting out on the main road and escorted the van into the village as … Read More



I fell in love with a little girl today. Her name is Mercy, and she is severely handicapped. She struggles to maintain her balance, but she can walk. She has a mental handicap, but she can talk. She can see, but not well. I met Mercy in Alero, a village about one hour’s drive northwest of Gulu. She and another … Read More



Today!!! Oh, my heart.  As I write this, it is so heavy, but at the same time, filled with joy.  My tears are uncontrollable and I’m not sure if they are tears of joy or of sadness.  I’m guessing it’s a little bit of both.  I have been on a mission trip with Sweet Sleep before, and so far this year I haven’t … Read More

Imago Dei


I woke up this morning praying to God that he open my eyes to what he wants me to see, and to place on my heart what is on his heart. I wasn’t prepared for what He was about to reveal. In my 20 years in the medical field, I thought I had seen just about everything in child illness … Read More

Broken And In Love


I never dreamed that at age 65 I would get on an airplane and fly to a country in the middle of Africa on a mission trip, but here I am. Today was our second day of serving God in Gulu, Uganda. How blessed I have been. My heart has been broken and I have fallen in love all in … Read More

Opportunity and Circumstance


This morning I woke up in a bed. This afternoon I carried a child so sick with malaria he could not walk or talk. Why is it that I was chosen to wake up with a warm bed and a warm meal waiting on me when this child has to go through so much pain and starvation in a country … Read More