Going Home


All week we’ve been talking about caring for the orphan by equipping their caretakers to be self-sustainable. Another vulnerable group that very often gets overlooked are the older children — children in their teens who, without parents, are expected to be able to provide for themselves. But really, 13 and 15 year olds are still just children.  We’re excited to … Read More

Village Savings


A component of our economic development program in Uganda is the Village Savings and Loan Association, or VSLA. We’ve found it to be a critical piece to sustainability because it provides immediate relief to our beneficiaries, by our beneficiaries! It works much like a regular loan, except the seed fund and management of the fund is handled entirely within a … Read More

Necessary Adjustments


Day two in Gulu started with a visit to another one of our economic development groups in the Gulu district. This group, comprised of 30 HIV+ women and men, started a pig-rearing project following our February visit. With support from Sweet Sleep, a pigpen was built and five piglets purchased. When we visited in February, we found the group to … Read More

Goats, Loans and Hope


We have moved from Kampala to Gulu, and today Madelene and I, along with our program director of northern Uganda, Jennifer Oketta, went out to visit the first of four groups in the Gulu area that we initiated into our economic development program this past February. The group that we visited today in the village of Purongo is, like those … Read More

It Looks Easy, But It’s Not


Today’s second day in Kampala was spent visiting two other groups of people who were initiated into our economic development program this past February. And much like day one, each person we visited shared stories with us about how their businesses are changing their lives. Even to us, as we hear these success stories, it’s easy to lose sight of … Read More

Days Like Today


I’ve been involved with Sweet Sleep in a variety of capacities since 2006, and somehow I continue to be amazed at the things God does through this ministry to change people’s lives. You would think that by now I would have seen it all and no longer be surprised by the things that happen, but then there are days like … Read More

Sweet Summer Kickoff


Hello from Uganda!! We’ve just arrived in Kampala to kick off Sweet Summer 2016 where week after week, we will be checking in on friends from last year, welcoming mission journey teams, and – of course – hand delivering hope by giving beds to orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children. We have a lot happening this summer that I want you … Read More

Journey With Sweet Sleep In 2016


6/24/16 – 7/3/16: Gulu, Uganda – Join us as we deliver 400 beds to orphaned and vulnerable children living in northern Uganda. 7/1/16 – 7/10/16: Moldova – Help us host a five day summer camp for approximately 100 orphaned and vulnerable children. Team members will lead games, crafts, music as we share the Gospel with children and adults. 7/22/16 – … Read More

Child Labor (Madelene Metcalf)


The words strike at the heart of everyone who hears them and have such an insidious connotation. To us, they indicate self-righteousness, slavery, and an absolute lack of value of human life. But when you hear the words come out of a mother’s mouth about her own children it takes it to a new dimension. Veronica is a 51 year … Read More

A Light Bulb Moment


Because of my love for music, I grew up going to lots and lots of Christian concerts. In each of them I heard the artist pitch a missions organization and well, it was always this thing that I knew to expect but usually the story didn’t resonate within me. It seemed more going through the motions and a necessary evil … Read More