How Your Kids Can Help
We need your help to bring sweet sleep to the world’s orphans, so that they can have a place to sleep which comforts them and helps place them into homes of loving families.

Mission Projects for Kids
You can help your kids help kids halfway around the world through Sweet Sleep’s Build-A-Bed campaign. Your kids can take up offerings and see how many beds they can provide while learning about the needs of orphaned and abandoned children.
$8 provides a mosquito net to orphans in Africa or Haiti.
$10 provides a Bible to an orphan in his or her language.
$50 provides a bed and bedding for orphan in northern Uganda.
$125 provides a healthy, comfortable new Sweet Sleep bed for a child in Africa.
$167 provides a Sweet Sleep bed for an orphan in Haiti.
$200 provides a comfy Sweet Sleep bed for a Moldovan orphan.
The Build-A-Bed campaign is:
Flexible! You pick your project dates – VBS, summer camp, fall retreat, Sunday School – anytime is a great time to teach your kids about the needs of orphans.
Easy! Once you pick your dates, we’ll get you the materials you need to get your kids ready to learn about helping orphans.
Effective. More than likely, every kid in your church has a bed and can relate to a child that may not have a clean, comfortable place to sleep.
Build-A-Bed campaigns have raised thousands of dollars for beds for orphans: 100 preschoolers collected $1,000 during VBS, 300 4th-6th graders gave over $3,500 at summer camp, and 350 school-aged kids raised over $5,000 at VBS! How much can your kids raise? You’ll be amazed how your kids connect with helping other kids.
“I’ve never seen a mission project that our kids related to so well! It made sense – our kids could help other kids have a new, comfortable and safe place to sleep. Our kids really got behind this project and gave more than they ever have before!”- Connie Hartzell, Preschool Minister, ClearView Baptist Church
For more information or to schedule your Build-A-Bed campaign, call 615.730.7671 or e-mail at