110 Degrees

Yes it is 110 degrees outside today. Who knew it would be hotter in Moldova than at home? The kids don’t even seem to notice, it doesn’t slow them down a bit. I’ve never sweated this much in my life! I can’t begin to sum up what this week has been like… just to give you an acurate picture, I took a shower with a water bottle last night. And you know what? I liked it. I loved it. Nothing could have been better. I was just grateful to have a bottle and grateful to have water to waste on washing. I was grateful for clothes that had been worn all week to put on afterwards. Grateful that I had soap. The simple ways here are better than all the A/C, hot showers, and TV I could ever need. I am so aware of every bite of food I take, because someone else isn’t getting that. I’ll remember.

Thank God for His protection this week. Thank you for your prayers. They work more than you know. I got hit in the teeth with a bed yesterday while moving and I still have all my teeth… another thing to be grateful for…. you should have seen the whiplash… in retrospect it was hilarious!! WApow!

My favorite moments have been the little ones. No amount of planning or prepping compares to playing London Bridge, tossing a frisbee or painting a little girls nails. And who doesn’t love dirty, sweaty, lung-crushing hugs? I for one, need about ten a day to really get through.

The Moldovan church youth that we are working with here have been amazing with the kids… skits, songs, contests, leading worship and praying. What a blessing to see such devoted brothers and sisters in the Lord. They’ve made a difference in these kids lives and we are praying that their involvement continues after we leave.

More to come! Many blessings! Amy

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  1. Brad

    I’m so glad you got to go with Em and Nat. I know you’ve had an amazing time so far and I’ll see you when you get home.

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