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Well today was our last day with the children at camp.Since the construction team finished our work with the building of the beds we were able to spend all day with the kids at the camp. During the worship time we had a foot washing service. This was probably the most humbling experience I have ever had. Some people would have not wanted to even touch these children’s feet but for me there was no hesitation in being able to do this for them. We had one person washing, one person drying, and one person putting lotion on there feet. I was able to dry and apply lotion. The look on there face would cause me to get choked up. I never did lose my composure though it was hard not to. Most of there feet were dirty, some with sores, and just rough but when I would think about how Jesus washed the disciples feet it was more meaning full to me. The children left camp around 1:00 today to go back home which was sad to see them leave. As I said this has been a great experience. It has really caused me to think about things I take for granted. Thanks to all my family and prayer partners for your support and prayers. My health has been very good ,no problems. Can’t wait to get back home to my wife and children and tell about my time here in Moldova.

In Christ
Steve Taylor

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  1. Sandra

    Jenna and I have been praying for you and the entire team all week. We, your family, are so proud of you for taking this step in your life. I just know that God will bless you and all those that are with you.


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