When I asked God to help me lose weight I had no idea that he would send me to Moldova and “turn up the heat” and make me sweat it all off, because I will tell you right now that it is stinkin’ hot here! and when I say stinkin’ I literally mean stinkin’. That is part of the reason that this blog will be very short, because I haven’t gotten the chance to take a shower yet and I feel gross. Today was very eventful and exciting! The kids here didn’t know how to “give us five” so Melissa, Meghann, and I took it upon ourselves to teach them how to give us chinch. Chinch means five in Romanian for those of you who don’t know. Most of the boys got into it right away, but it took the girls a little longer. I don’t know how I am going to be able to leave without wanting to take one home! they are all so prescious and thankful for everything. Today I was assigned to the part of Bud, the grumpy cowboy puppet, in our skit. The children seemed to enjoy the skit very much with Bekah as Color Wonder, our super hero for the week, and Meghann as GiGi, the friendly puppet. I was very surprised to find that a few of the kids knew some English and one even started to speak some Spanish. Meghann and I taught a boy named Andrei how to say Nashville, Tennessee, and yall. Well it looks like my time is coming to an end because I desperately need a shower! Bye!

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