Hello All! What an experience……sorry for not emailing until tonite, the phone line at the house won’t call out for some unknown reason. We came to a Internet Cafe to send this message and say that I am doing fine. We arrived last night to the team house at 8:30 meaning that you figure the time, including the layovers and such my total travel time getting here was about 26 hours! And that’s not including my drive to Portland Tues. afternoon. Very tired today, this was our first day at the orphange and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting meaning the smells and such. The children are so adorable and lots and lots of smiles. The airport in Moldova was small and had lots of police and security. We had no problem getting thru customs but when we started getting ALL of our luggage they started coming over and asking questions. I just kept my head down and no one came up to me. As soon as our people came to pick us up, we lucked out and got to walk right thru without even checking out our bags. I don’t know if I’ll be able to email again, hopefully the internet will start working at the house. We are here is Balti until Sunday and leave for Chisinau for the remaining days. I miss you Josie, Lane and Cody. Mom loves you and can’t wait to come home and see you and tell you about the kids. Hi Kylie! I’ll see you soon. Love, Julie

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  1. Kari

    Great to hear you all made it safe! I’m praying daily for you, Kari, Jen, and the rest of the team. Just ask Him, and God will provide that supernatural rest needed to make it through the day. Keep loving the kids…I cannot wait until I can go!


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Mom, I miss you. Lane, Cody, and I are spending the night at grandma’s. It’s wierd @ home with you not there. I gave my speech last week and it was good. We all miss you, have you found a favorite kid? I love you Josie

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Kari and Julie, I am praying you are safe and having a wonderful experience. God works wonders when we believe in Him. It is fun to read the blogs from you and from others. Your children are so great! They helped Papa and I rearrange the living room, they dusted, we had a fun Saturday. Cody even liked the hot tub, but he held on to Gramma tight. He’s all tucked into the big bed, waiting for brother and sister, he’s sound asleep. What I found out I can’t do is just take him outside and turn my back, I was running like mad after him ( him laughling all the way ). Love you both very much and found out that Mr Jolsted went to Moldova as well! Sleep Sweet!! Mom

  4. Julie Skidgel

    thanks for all the emails everyone. we love to hear from you. i am emailing for kari and i both since everyone is waiting for their turn. we have enjoyed the children and we got to serve them christmas dinner which was very fun! can’t wait to see you all. glad you’re having a good time with grandma. We are in Chisinau now and will be here until thursday. miss you lots, love you lots. julie and kari

  5. Barbara Ibrahim

    Hi Julie! I have been praying for you. I will remember to pray for the whole team too. I am glad things are going well. I am so happy for you to have this kind of experience! Keep up the good work, have fun, and most of all cherish every moment! Love, Barb I

  6. Mayamba

    Hi Julie. I saw you outside Hometown drug 2 days ago when you drove past me in a red Expedition and waved, so I smiled and waved back enthusiastically! When I told Barb I had just seen u she looked at me like I was crazy and reminded me you were out of the country, so I have no idea who I was waving at. 🙂 We’ll keep praying for you.

  7. Anonymous

    Just a thought, I could ride the Breeze to Portland Thursday and meet you @ the airport and drive you home Thursday night….I know you will be tired from the long airplane ride but also very excited about your experience with the kids….let me know if you want me to do this. Not a problem if you wish to stick to coming home on Friday, as your Mom I worry about you being tired and driving home alone. Love you both. Can’t wait to hear your stories Kari; who would of thought you’be be playing the drums 1/2 way around the world > go girl!

  8. Julie Skidgel

    hi barb and mayamba. thanks for checking out the blog and writing. it is amazing here and hardly have the words to explain my emotions i have. it has been a better experience than i could even imagine. kari has been AWSOME on the bongos and the kids are amazed and dazed listening to her. the kids really enjoy the music and singing. mom, my car is at dads. would you ride the breeze thurs to the airport. i’ll have to think if this will work. how are the kids. i miss them terribly. tell them i love them very, very much and will see them soon. i don’t know if they are checking the blog…….how are things going. i miss you all and will see you soon. love, j

  9. Julie Skidgel

    i have met an amazing group of girls yesterday. 6 girls age 14-15 and we sat and talked about girl stuff. it was very fun and i made new friends. i especially fell for 2 girls, alisa and catea who both have a sibling in the orphange with them. these are amazing girls with lots of ambition. i can’t wait to send them the pictures of us that we took today and write letters.

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