Fields of Gold

Although it’s after one in the morning, I feel a need to be able to share with everyone possible just how beautiful a thing is happening here in Moldova. Of course, I’m biased… keep that in mind. As team one was preparing to leave we visited the largest orphanage in Moldova, which is where Sweet Sleep began and is still working to provide a bed for every head. Usually when we walk in the orhpanage our senses are met with somewhat pungent smells. However, that evening we walked in and smelled fresh beds….wood and varnish, it was great. The newest batch of beds our Sweet Sleep boys had finished were lined up in the large hallway and the site became somewhat overwhelming to me as I stood there with so many of my new friends who all had prepared so hard back home and now were a link in the armor. It was so good. I didn’t get to express it to my best ability…and don’t imagine I can do that on a blog, either. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I praise God for bringing you to this place. I pray for God to be continuting the great work He placed on your hearts in your time here. Team Two shares in your excitement, although it is in a far different way. You’d not believe the way they have come together to get so much accomplished. Yesterday the orphanage director showed us a floor with holes that needed to be repaired to be used for first graders. Today Bill and Tom took that floor up and laid down the most beautiful lumber (tongue and groove…I’ve learned a little something today). It’s incredible. The room glows. I told them the first step to Sweet Sleep is a firm foundation! =) The other team members are working with about a dozen boys from the orphanage, most of who have just graduated and who will soon have no place to live. Sweet Sleep has much work to do here as we commit with each of you to meet the needs of these young men desperate for hope and opportunity and love and guidance. We’ve been staining the headboards, footboards and side rails for two days now. Looking out over the courtyard the pieces lay out to dry in the sun….truly it is a field of gold. It’s the most incredibly exciting site to take in. Nothing could out do it except for the proud faces of the boys as they are complimented and praised for their great work or for the beaming joy and pride on the faces of Artur and Vasile as the took us to a dorm room to show us the completed version of our revised beds. I wish you all could have seen the face of what this looks like. It made me cry. I’ll probably never forget it…and, I’ll probably never not tear up when I think about that moment. It was….golden. Sleep Sweetly,