Emily and Jen "isms"

Ok, after more than two weeks of an emotional roller coaster, Jen and I are sitting here together on our last night. So, to lighten the mood a little bit, we thought we’d list some random inside jokes that none of you will understand…well, some of you will. =) 1. “No, but I have some Vasoline.” 2. “No, I said my mom barks randomly!” 3. 50 ways to use “chinch” in a sentence. (Romanian word for “five”) For example, cinchinator, chicken and chinch potatos, to the chinchth degree, chinch times chinch, say “chinch”!, it’s the chinchiest, send me a chinch mail, etc. 4. Panama City: Spring Break 2005. 5. Picture Chinching. 6. Operatic worship leaders. 7. Chicken and potatos, chicken and potatos…did I mention chicken and potatos? 8. Frogs in outhouses. 9. The Mafia ca-ca story. 10. Emily: “Dorel, are there many mormons in Moldova?” Dorel: “No, but there are a lot of oxymormons!” 11. “Hey Steve, where’s your underwear?” 12. Bill Bedi…nuff said. 13. “I’m sorry, these mushrooms have been baked in, and now the pizzas are contaminated. But feel free to leave 5 of them.” 14. Covert Op: Locate Mihai 15. “I disagree with the parable of the lost sheep.. . Sometimes you just have to cut your losses for the good of the 99.” 16. Bill Bedi: “I worked in elephant dung today.” 17. Emily: “This is me, showing mercy (said with hand gesture)!” 18. The finger of forgiveness is in here somewhere. 19. The Brooklyn Snorenacle Choir. 20. Speaking in goat. (Baaahhhh) 21. Jen, did you take the blue pills or the red pills today? 22. “I like to move it move it…I like to move it move it…I like to…MOVE IT!” 23. Jen: “Emily, I need to ‘copy your pictures’.” =) 24. Tripp + apple spice granola = MOLDIVA! 25. “Let’s just say Ms. Galina and I are dating now.” Well folks, that all for now. I’m sure Team 3 will have many more stories to tell. I’ll post more about my experience when I get back to the States. Until then…Nopta Buna!!]]>