"8:44 pm on July 8th"

(decision counselors and our boys) Team 3A arrived this afternoon. God has blessed all our teams with same travels and smooth entries and we continue to pray and ask this for team 3B which arrives in 13 hours. The group of 5 was ready to hit the ground running….praise God, for only He knew what He had in store for this evening. We arrived with the team and the 11 children from the orphanage and found some seats in the soccer stadium. As we all took in the service I wondered how this event might change people’s lives. It made me think back to the times I had taken friends to events like this and reminded me of those who made decisions in those moments. I prayed for those who came to mind, as well as for those children who were with us and who’ll come over the next two days. Franklin was direct and to the point from the moment he opened his mouth. He essentially gave the “altar call” first and then said in a few minutes he wanted them to come. He mentioned this again and again as he delivered his message and then finally, offered the invitation. I watched curiously as I began to see people leave their seats and come onto the track to make their way to the front. Then, I suddenly heard my name, “jennnnn….” I looked down the row and saw Vasile who said, “jen, come go with me.” I was in deep prayer mode all the way through the crowded sections, praying for whatever God was doing in Vasile’s life and sensing from the grip he had on my hand that God was indeed making that boy move some turf to get to the front. About halfway up I realized we were not alone. Other boys had followed. We all held hands in a chain, 5 boys and I, as we made our way up to the front. We stood together as we waited for the other people of Moldova to make their way and then Franklin led our sweet boys in a prayer. It was beautiful to listen to their voices. After, Franklin looked at his watch and announced this new day in their lives…”8:44 on July 8th, 2005…” he told them it was the day God had erased their sins from their lives and made them whole. I pray for that. Praise God! God has opened up some incredible doors with these young men and in the last week I have had incredible conversations with them. I’m looking forward to getting to talk with them about this evening and to hear their hearts, pray with them and encourage them. Please join me in prayer for Vasile, Ivan, Dennis, Ruslan and Artur—five young men who are ready to change the world.
Partying in Moldova and in Heaven,
Jen and company]]>