Can You Translate This For Me?

The Greatest: back row (left to right): Constanza, Doina, Connie and Olga. Front: Denis, Stas, Dima, Eugene and Serg (C.J.). If you were to count the number of times our 21 team members asked this, or made similar requests over the 60 or so hours they worked with us this week, we’d likely be stunned. We are more grateful for your loving work than any gift could express. Thank you each for the way you helped us feel at home in your country and for the way you helped us adjust to camp life. This week we had 186 precious children—and then an additional 32 on Thursday or so. At our camps, no child is ever a number, no child is ever seen by their circumstances or labeled and cast aside. We try hard to love and touch and talk with every child and without you our work would be futile. It is my hope and prayer that as you speak for us you are encouraged by the work you are doing. I pray God uses us not only as His hands and feet, but also as He continues to grow you, you yourself will experience a stronger and deeper faith. And, by being His mouth and sharing His heart, you will find you are called to continue to work to disciple the children long after we return to our homes. Thank you so much for never losing patience with us, for being willing to adapt to anything we might want to try, for being selfless in a long day and in a long week. Thank you for your loving spirits which not only we see, but also these precious children who grow so familiar with you over the summer. I am grateful for your loving hearts that continue to work with us because of your love for God and for the children. It’s been a true joy to work with each of you. At some time over the last ten days I have been blessed to speak with and through each of you. I always have so much to say and share with these dear children. Thank you for never once seeming as though what I wished to convey was silly or unnecessary or tedious. Thank you for the time you sacrifice and the love of God you boldly work to share with us and with the children. I can’t wait to see you all soon. Te iubisc,
ps. hey, can you translate some letters for me (ha ha ha).]]>