Prayers for Olesea and Tammy- see comments for updates

I wanted to share this with all of you who faithfully come to this blog and keep up with the antics of the Moldovan government and the mission we work on each and every day in order to change the lives of the children we have been blessed to know and love. A woman from Nashville, Tammy (on right), has been in Moldova since she arrived with her team a month ago. She and her husband and children decided a year ago to begin the unknown process of trying to get a humanitarian visa for a young girl Tammy had fallen in love with, Olesea, pictured with Tammy on the left. Though Moldova does grant adoptions of their children, it is very, very difficult to get a child out of the country once they are 16. Tammy and Jerry have been very patient over the last year and faithful to this desire God placed on their hearts. God has continued to bless their faithfulness and patience and obedience which is the only reason they are where they are today (both geographically and with the process). Below is an email I received from Tammy this morning. Somewhere along the way they came to a bump in the road and there is again a need for mighty prayer. Please join with me in praying for this to worked out, today, and for this family to truly be able to become a family by Olesea being cleared to come home…to Nashville. Pray for Tammy and for her strength and patience and time with God to be one that restores her worried and tired soul. Pray for her family who misses her and who are waiting to become whole. Pray for Olesea. A young girl who is now living each day with joyful highs and disappointing lows. Pray for her heart to be protected and to be strengthened. Thank you all for your prayers. “I am going to the embassy this morning to see if there is something that they can do to help. Dorel told me last night that it is not actually a missing paper, but concerns from the Moldovan government that she will be 17 soon and before she finishes school she will be 18 and can make her own decisions and what if she doesn’t come back. I guess it was going to some appeal process this morning and we are supposed to have an answer today, it was something totally unexpected.If they give approval today, it still has to go to external affairs, but we are going to go there to see if we can get them to do things by Wed. so we can go to the embassy on Thurs or even tomorrow. Just pray they don’t deny it all after all of this. I am really stressing over it.”]]>