Faleisti orphanage day 2 and 3

Again I say wow–There is so much to say that it is hard to know where to begin. You will see the word amazing used so often by everyone and that is because we cannot think of a word good enough to explain this experience. Yesterday I had the opportunity to hand out coats to the children. This was Christmas like it should be. These children were as grateful as it gets. In the evening we were able to serve dinner to the children, teachers and other workers. They all loved it. This small dinner of fish, chicken, french fries, bread with anchovies and a few cookies was an absolute feast.
Today we spent a half day at the orphanage. I spent most of the time hanging chalkboards. We managed to hang 3 boards. This I considered a major feat since all that we had was a hand saw, screwdriver and hammer. I salvaged the nails and wood mostly from the old chalkboards. The last hour I spent with the children. Within this last hour I met this young girl named Christina who stole my heart. She had been given a plastic bracelet in one of the gift bags earlier in the days. She took it off and gave it to me. Such a simple gift and one I will charish for the rest of my life.
I know this is getting long but I have to mention our translators. These people have made me look at my life and faith in a whole new light. I thought I new about personal hardhships on or about my faith until I met these people. These people have practiced their faith under communism. You hear the stories but it is different when you actually meet the people who have lived it. I am sure that it will happen but my prayer for myself right now is that I never use the words “Why Me God” again. I have met the people who truely live their faith daily and they are my inspiration.
May God shower you in his love every day]]>