Sweet Sleep Journeys

Sweet Sleep Journeys Well, we’re currently on our 5th day in Moldova and it’s 12:30a.m. I’m finally getting time on the computer to fill you in on what I’ve been up too. The first thing I can say I’m going to do when I get home, is go to the pantry, get out the Charmin and hug it to death. I’m pretty sure that toilet paper manufacturers must be missing a few steps in the process of trying to create a nice comfortable serene experience for the user. It’s quite obvious they strip bark from a tree and put it on a roll…OUCH! Our legs are also getting a work out since toilet seats seem to be in short supply as well. Our first three days we got to spend time with the children in Falesti. There are no words to describe the conditions of the place and what the children go through there. The kids are wonderful and I got adopted by two wonderful boy’s in my stay there. Constantine, is seven, though he looks like he is about four,(most of the children are much smaller due to not eating very well). His situation is listed as very bad with both parents being deseased. He has a younger brother in the orphanage as well, but I didn’t get to meet him. And there is Andre’. Andre’ is a wonderful energetic twelve year old boy who just desparately needs human contact. Both boys would sit with me and play the shakers or the tambourine as we had praise & worship. We got to talk and have fun! Andre’ and I even got to sled down a hill on a broken down cardboard box. But unfortunatley, the end of the hill was the side of a building with a pile of rocks…We only hit it once…don’t worry mom! All is well, and we had a blast. 🙂 It was hard to leave the children of Falesti. Constantine and Andre’ carried my bags everywhere and would walk me to the van. I can’t begin to say how heart breaking it was to see them cry and wave goodbye as we drove off. I found that not only were our leaving moments heartbreaking, but so were some of our most greatest, memorable moments; like when we got to give each child a new coat. God gave us the gift of being able to enter into their joy as well as their suffering. The Christmas feast was just that. A FEAST! We were told that they have never partaken of something like that before and it was all I could do to keep my composure and not loose it in front of the children. It was a true privilege the Lord allowed Michael and I to be able, through Mad Dancer, to provide the meal to all the staff and children of the orphanage. I was overcome with gratefulness that I got to be a part of serving the meal as well as watching the children savor the moment. Most of their meal was served and eaten off dirty unsanitary tables and small plates were provided with the main course. The smell of the cafeteria reaked of rotting food and sewage, so people dabbed perfume and menthol under their noses to help from the feeling of nausea. But the kids didn’t even notice. They didn’t notice the dog and cat running around the room picking up their scraps, they didn’t know that their situation was what we American’s would call deplorable. They just dug in and partook of their feast. They were grateful for the opportunity to eat, and I was grateful for the opportunity to serve them. People are waiting on me so I’ll shorten it up a bit. Though a few caught my eye, all captured my heart and I was reminded of how blessed I am that the Lord chose to give me a home and someone to love. I pray that one day these children might be given the same opportunity. Okay…got to go. Look forward to telling you more later. Nopte Buna (Goodnight) Kari]]>