Hello from Chisinau-from Maree

Rick participated in a snowball fight with the boys and then got tackled from behind-on snow and ice-but no injuries! I have connected with a 16 year old girl, Anastasia, who has such a kind and gentle spirit. The first day we met we returned from lunch and she handed me a scroll. She told me she liked to draw and she had made a picture of Joseph,Mary and baby Jesus. It is beyond words how incredible of a talent she has. She mad it in a couple of hours while we were at lunch. Tomorrow she is going to show us her sketchbook-she is truly gifted. Rick has a new buddy-Peter-he has carried Rick’s bag everywhere for him and waits for our van to arrive back from lunch. He is 9 and precious! It will be so hard to leave Moldova. This is such an indescribeable trip-we-ll have to reflect once we are home to sort it all out. We are missing our children so much and have falen in love with even more and are excited to share their lives with our family Falesti was really emotionally draining at the end of the day I think because of the conditions the children have that we are not used to. We leave in a little over 24 hours and it will be extremely difficult to leave Anastasia and Peter-probably even harder then leaving Fileste. We love these children and can never replace this experience except for returning soon to our new friends! La revedere,