Hello Friends & Family in the US.
Today was our first day at the camp! I was really excited to meet all our kids! We had a safe journey as you have heard. OMG the funniest thing happened in the BUdapest airport! My mom and I were walkin through all the gift shops and when we came back we saw this girl in this stroller and my gosh she must of been 5 years old ,and said to me as we were passing by aren’t you a little big for a stroller!” she also said she should be pushing her mother. Today when i met Dina and we left my Mom said she wanted to tell me she loved me! aww how sweet! jk. the funny thing was that when i sat on the ground she told me to squat because they think they might bhecome sterile! And i did squat, even though it hurt. The country is really pretty here! Oh ya , Mimi Doina and Nina aren’t here,but they are trying to get them to come to camp so hopefully they will be here! well i’ll talk to yall later!]]>