Keeping it Real

Things finally began to make sense today. We realized early this week that working with the older kids would take a much different approach than what we had originally planned.
After the moring praise and worship time we went to our small groups that are designed to last 20 minutes. That 20 minutes turned into almost 2 1/2 hours !! Matthew and I had a conversation with Ruslan, Sasha, and Igor that turned very deep very quickly. It really hit me at this time just what these guys were dealing with. They made it very plain that Americans didn’t understand what they were dealiong with. Igor was very honest and we did our best to explain to him how to help him and how he could help himself. There is no way I could ever fully understand all the discrimination these kids are facing. It’s unfair, yet it’s reality. Somehow there has to be more than can be done. The state keeps threatening to close the orpanage and camp in order to be accepted into the EU , and it would be devastating for the kids if this happens. Where would they go? I talked one on one later with Ruslan and he understands why I keep returning here. He was surprised I would remember him from last summer. How could anyone spend time with these kids and forget them?????? I’m still processing what all has happened this week. On a lighter note….I [articipated in my very first Moldovan track meet tonight. I had challenged Sasha and Sergiu to a 11o meter dash (the length of the soccer field). Sasha backed out, maybe I should have LOL I think I might have lost a step, a 14 year old kid outrun me by 10 meters. I’m not used to not being the fastest 🙁 Ironically it earned me more respect…of course I heard “I’ve never seen a man as old as you run before”. I was like OLD????? I guess 40 IS old to a 14 year old 😉 Oh, I forgot to mention that we had to run the lenght of the field BOTH ways. Hey, I’m still alive HA This week has been full of so many different forms of connection. I FINALLY remembered it is all about connecting and building relationships. Even so, I am still trying to handle the roller coaster of feelings and emotions. I’ll write more later when it all begins to make sense. Roger]]>