There Are Not Enough Words

Hello again to all. We’ve reached the end of our time at the camp. I purposefully picked Friday to blog when we were signing up for time slots so that I would have a chance to reflect on the entire week and sum up my thoughts. Bad idea. How do you put into a few words the experience of a lifetime. I’ve heard that it takes time upon returning home to figure out how to talk about your experiences here in Moldova. I don’t think those people were kidding. It’s all so overwhelming and difficult to express. The children are absolutely wonderful and I know that I am forever changed having been with them this week. I may go back to my job and my family, but I know that my life can never be the same. We’ve shared many laughs and tears, both with the children and as a team, and there is now a bond between us all that no one else can ever fully understand. It was difficult today to say goodbye, but somehow I got through it. Of course it was made much easier knowing that I’ll get to spend tomorrow afternoon with Petrica because some of the sponsored children are being allowed to come into the city with us. But I guess that really only delays the heartache that I know will come when I really do have to say goodbye to him. He doesn’t know about it yet, and I wish I could be there to see his face when they tell him. I did have to say goodbye to the rest of my boys today. We hugged again and again, and all tried (but failed) not to cry. I told them that I love them and that I will not forget them. I don’t know what the future holds for me and these boys, but even if I never see them again I know I’ll have them with me always. Thanks to all who have supported me and made this trip possible for me. It has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Stuart (Little)]]>