Don't you cry…….

My two boys that I connected with, both named Sergiu , watched a beautiful rainbow as we said our final “see you later”….not goodbye. Strange how quickly we went from “You lie” (on Monday) to “I’ll never forget you” (on Friday). It appeared God was reaffirming his promise to us with the rainbow as we parted. If there were ever a doubt I was called for this trip it vanished Friday afternoon with the goodbyes. Sergiu T. told me “Before you came, we fight alot. You brought me peace, and this was the greatest week of my life”. How can you NOT cry at those words??? It was tough working with the older guys , the ones a year ot two away from being forced into the real world on their owns. One of my guys has no sponsor, at least for the moment 😉 It’ll be a few days before I can really write my take on this trip.
The laughs, tears, music, dancing, memories, and more will forever be with us. I will NOT miss the “WC at all…..for all you Americans that is the water closet, A.K.A. the restroom. You don’t want to know the details of the unique experience those can bring LOL Tonight we parted with the translators after a day of sightseeing and shopping. More hugs and tears. Video and digital cameras are a gift from God 🙂
ALl our translators are like family now, some I work with last year, many I’ll see next trip. Did I say next trip??? See everyone in a few days. Roger]]>