Final Moldovan Blog '06

Today was the perfect last day of my very first and so far favorite Moldovan adventure. We woke up to eat our sugar based breakfast and departed in our beloved van driven by BORIS ,the best driver in Chisinau, to visit the transition houses and the boarding school. We also went to the Orhei monastery/Canyon which was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights abroad I have encountered. It was a ten min. hike up to this place where monks still live,sleep, and pray and there was a cross at the top and cows and horses and a river and rocks and sunshine and green for as far as you can see. I liked it a lot. McDonald’s for lunch. Again. Then we went to the market and local mall to shop around and it was great because my mom got to bring along Antonina, her sponsored child, and let her pick out some things she needed plus a few extra fun things 🙂 Alex, our cute Moldovan interpreter came with. We also took a walk through this forest-park-amazingness in the middle of the city which was right next to this cathedral/church where we could hear the choir and there were old ladies feeding pigeons. It was very Moldovan and very good. The best part of the day though was everyone dining together at the Irish pub giving final speeches,goodbyes, and thank-yous. it was great. Basically Jesus is so faithful to continue to exceed one’s expectations for life and its many moments and experiences and no amount of words can even begin to express my gratitude for his provision and wisdom and protection for the success of this time here. I felt His presence so close each and everyday-in the cabins in small group delivering His story and truth, worship with the kids, in all the hugs, all the smiles and even to the very last moments with the orphans Friday where he even blessed us with a rainbow over camp. GOD IS LOVE. I LOVE MOLDVOVA. goodnite. goodbye till next year…]]>