Moldova musings!

Hey everybody, it’s Rhonda! Our trip has been really good so far. The 25 hours it took to get here, seemed like it would never end at times. I took Tylenol PM on the 8-hour flight with hopes to sleep. It worked, I was so tired, but yet I could not fall asleep because I was so uncomfortable on the plane! I will NOT be doing that again….I’ll just let myself sleep naturally or else not sleep at all on the flight. I will try not to be repetitive with what others have already written. Sunday when we went to just visit the kids for a couple of hours, I got off the bus and a boy walked up to me and said “Hello Rhonda!” He remembered me from last year! I was so excited that now I can’t even remember which little boy it was LOL But it was very neat. I hugged many other children but did not see my sponsored girl, Carolina. A couple minutes later I turned around and she was coming towards me and I gave her a hug and began to cry. I held onto her for a long time – I think that Jane snapped a great picture of us 🙂 I am teaching the 11-year-olds for Bible Study time. My partner and I have about 16-17 of them, and they are pretty crazy! Hard to keep their attention and to keep the quiet in a small room. For afternoon time, I am on the Recreation team. Today we had relays and games planned but had to stay under the tent because of the rain. We were able to do the Hokey Pokey, and a couple other song games. The weather has not been cooperating, which changes our whole plans for the day. It is raining a lot, which makes the camp one huge mud puddle. Plus it was VERY cold today…well, very cold for July, probably 60 degrees – and raining and windy. I could see my breath at times. I only brought 1 pair of pants and I really want to keep them for the trip home. I’ve got a fleece though, so don’t worry Mom and Dad! Dad – I have talked with your boys today. I told them that you became sick and could not be here but you really wanted to. I said that you love them so much and wanted me to tell them that. I said that you really like writing to them and would be here if you could. They are beautiful kids….the 15-year-old Maxim is at home though, not at camp. Trophim is adorable, but I spent more time with George today. He would look at me while we were doing games and stuff, and gave me hugs as we were leaving today. I am also spending a lot of time with Carolina also, as she is in my 11-year-old bible group. I know everyone’s mentioned the bumpy bus rides here, but I forgot just how bumpy it is! I am seeing a few places that I recognize from last year. The countryside is gorgeous and I plan to take many pictures when it’s sunny again. There are huge fields of sunflowers that I just want to run through!!! We plan to stop and take photos of them/with them. Our team house is nice and the food is great and plentiful! I miss all my friends and family a lot, but time is flying by and I know we’ll be home before we know it….which is good and bad. It’s strange that we’ve only spent about 9 hours with the kids so far, considering this is the end of Day 4. Here is how you can pray for us: Pray for the rain to stop and the weather to warm up. Pray for positive attitudes and that we may be flexible. (We’ve had many things throw kinks in our plans so far and satan is trying to hinder our purpose.) Pray that the kids will ask us about salvation if they have not accepted Christ, pray that we may begin conversations about that. Pray for our translators and the teachers as well. We are not certain about their salvation, and also the work that the translators do for us. Most of them are young and we are getting along with them well. Several I worked with last summer. Ok I feel I’ve talked for a really long time so I’ll wrap it up! I miss everyone and you are in my thoughts daily….dad, mom, Sam, Joe, the Elite 8, and everyone else! I love you all! Thanks to my prayer partners for their notes that I get daily! Personal e-mails are much appreciated, I might be able to check them once before we leave. Love you all, goodbye for now!]]>