"People pray when they ask Jesus into their hearts"

One more day down in Falesti, and I must say that rain and all it was a good one…I won’t get into all that we did today at camp like recreation, arts and crafts, yada, yada, yada because what happened in my Bible Study with the 12 years olds is a great story all in itself…Don, Sam, and I are the leaders for a group of 17 12 year olds, mostly boys. Today was my turn to lead the Bible lesson, and our topic was prayer. I talked about when to pray, why we pray, and other such things, and I asked my group of kids to go around and say one thing that they were thankful for and give me a reason that makes them pray. What happened next threw me completely off guard because I wasn’t prepared for such an amazing thing. One of the kids said that people pray when they ask Jesus into their hearts. Good, good answer…this led me to ask them who had accepted Christ into their hearts. Before I tell you what was said, I have to tell you that I asked a lot of these same kids the same question when I was here in January and only a few raised their hands and an argument started between the kids. Well, this time was a lot different…all but two of my kids raised their hands before the translator even finished asking the question. For some reason, it threw me for a loop and I broke down. I cried hard…to see these same kids that I asked the same question to a few months ago be so eager to tell me that they had all accepted Christ touched me in so many ways, words really can’t describe. I think me crying confused the kids because they thought that they had done something to make me mad or upset because I was crying but I quickly explained to them that I was happy and that what they just told me, well actually showed me by raising their hands, would NEVER make me upset. I was so taken aback by such a powerful moment that Don had to step in and pick up for me because I could speak…these precious children left me completely speechless…my little Ludmila that I met at Christmas isn’t here, but I picked up on building relationships with two other children that I met at Christmas. Both of them asked me if I remembered them and ever since then Sasha and Christina haven’t left my side. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I do know that at this moment I belong here…Oh yeah, today was the first Bible study I have ever led in my entire life, and I msut say that it was an amazing one, don’t you think?]]>