This is Emily reporting from Balti, Moldova…

One major piece of news…my Mihai is not here. I thought he would be and found out he wasn’t when I got here Saturday ngiht. 🙁 Apparently he is with a family in a village near Drochia. He was here a couple weeks ago when another team was here, but they sent him back once the team left. He MIGHT come tomorrow – on the bread truck that comes every day. I certainly hope so. I have been very sad about this, so please pray that he will come tomorrow. On the other hand I know God has a perfect plan and purpose for this trip, and I am getting to spend lots of precious time with new kids that I might not have met if Mihai was here. I’ve spent a LOT of time with some of my friend’s sponsored kids like Angela, Aliona, Vasile. I spend most of my time walking around camp, trying to bond with the kids that are by themselves or not participating.

One kid’s name is Jura (different than the one I mentioned before). The teachers told me he’s no good..causes trouble. But I find him quite adorable and am determined to love him this week. He has definitely opened up to me and seems to always be at my side. He meets me at the van in the morning and walks me to the van when we leave. It’s amazing how love – unconditional – can melt the coldest heart. We’re all doing really well. Everyone is healthy, getting along great.

Oh…I almost forgot. The sunflowers are in bloom! I missed them last summer (I was here in June). But they are in full bloom. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve EVER seen. It’s literally a field of gold. Sunflowers as far as the eye can see. When you’re driving in this amazing countryside, you forget you’re in a third world country. The landscape is so beautiful and fertile. I wish you all could see it for yourself. A picture does not do it justice. Maybe some of you WILL see it someday! 😉 Thank you all so much for your prayers. Keep it up. Stay tuned and love to all…E]]>