Day 3 – It's Toe Time!

So…I walked into the dorm this morning to see Jen Gash down the hallway surrounded by a small crowd. Her hands were covering her face, and nary a peep was coming out of her mouth – which is weird if you know Jen Gash. Everyone was looking at the floor and pointing.
So as I arrived on the scene, I looked down to see a foot with a misplaced pinky toe. Maybe not so much misplaced, but rather bent in the wrong direction – as in perpendicular to the rest of the toes. It turns out that Jen had run into Eugene in the hallway, and a dislocated toe was the result.
And as we’re standing there, Jack’s telling me how it all happened and casually remarks “Someone ought to yank that thing back into place.” He then nonchalantly reaches down and snaps Jen’s toe back to normal – then just as nonchalantly turns back to me and finishes what he was saying.
Meanwhile, Jen yelps in pain and comments “I think I’m going to throw up” – to which we responded by quickly ushering her to a chair by the window in one of the children’s rooms. Because seriously, who wants to smell Jen Gash’s vomit in the hallway of a Moldovan orphanage?
Long story short…Jen now has a fresh bruise and a fun story that will go down in the annals of Moldovan mission trips as one of the best! Havin’ fun in Moldova,