This is Brad(Not Mark) Part II

Sweet Sleep Journeys
First off, it is great to see the second timers build on previous relationships. Jennifer last night got to go to dance class with two of her girls. It’s amazing to see those girls and how they lookd up to her. Today was great. I was supervising Demas, one of the interpreturs, and Andre as were nailing trim to the wall. There was one corner that had several difficult angles and I wondered if we could to it the hard way or do it easy, the hard way looking much better. They really suprised me on what a great job they did. It looked amazing. I then went to another building and help Joe fix some broken slats for the beds and some drawer nobs for some of the dressers. After we finished up we to them to what we call a Moldovian meat and three. I think they really enjoyed being taken out to a restaurant. We then went to the camp where the children stay during the summer, up to this time we have only seen about ten boys that come work on the orphange with us. It was great to see tons of kids peeking out the doors in anticipation for the bell to ring telling them nap time was over. They all came running out to us and introducing themselves to us. Miller took Jeremy and I on a tour of the facilities and one of the boys tag along and became our guide. We firs saw the line of facets over a troft where they washed their hands. Then he showed us the showers, it was an enclosed concrete slab with a line of shower heads. Next was the worse thing I have seen in probably my life, he showed us the “comodes.” They were just holes in the ground that the kids had to stand over to use the bathroom. It stunk to the high heavens and I had to go. The boy then took us to his room and showed the beds to us. Not to impressive, the had not been changed out like the beds in the orphange and when I sat on it I pretty much sunk to the floor. How someone sleeps on that night after night, I will never know. Next we headed to the soccer field where the kids were playing. The prosocutors, sort of like our DA’s, challenged the boys to a soccer match and they would buy the boys a TV if they won. The prosocutors played a lot harder than they were supposed too but it ended up in a tie. I bet the boys will still get the TV for the camp. I made friend with Radu during the match and he laughed and laughed as I tossed him in the air. It was amazing to see all the smiles that they had just because someone paid attention to them. It was a great day and I already know it will be hard to leave. So good night because it is 10 here and it will be a long day tomorrow.]]>