Viva Moldova!!!

As far as the team goes… They are awesome! I was very nervous going to a far off land with a bunch of strangers. Completely unaware that those strangers would be as close as family in only 3 days. We have had a blast hanging out with each other and talking. My face hurts from laughing. I have definitely made 10 new lifelong friends.
The mission house we are staying in is nothing like I had in mind either. It is very nice with up to date utilities… If you know what I mean. The drivers and translators are great people that share in a lot of the laughing with us. The cook is AMAZING!!! I thought I would come to Moldova, eat “Nabs” and beef jerky and lose about 10 pounds, but that is not the case at all. There is not one breakfast or dinner she has prepared that hasn’t been scarfed down by all of us.
Now to the kids. We have spent three days at the orphanage, building their new beds and falling in love with them. When we pull up, they are nothing but smiles. We were supposed to have 6 teenage boys helping us with the work. Instead, we have 50 or so small kids working like little ants. I don’t know that I have ever had a feeling like the one I have when I watch the children lay on their new beds, seeing how proud they are of it. Then bowing their heads to pray with us next to the bed. I almost lost it when we said Amen, and one little girl was smiling and crying at the same time. I just ask all of you reading this to pray for these kids. That they have sweet sleep and sweet dreams in the new beds, and that God pours His love out on them. They are wonderful kids, and have very little opportunity after they leave that place. I am truly blessed to meet them and spend this time with them. I wish I could bring every one of them back with me.
So far, we have put in 108 beds. The guy making the bed frames is running behind on the others, so pray that he can get as many done as he can. I am not sure that he will get all 200 made before we leave, and I don’t want to leave without getting all the kids a new bed to sleep in.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. We can definitely feel God working within this team. Keep on praying and I will post my 2nd blog as soon as I can. God bless,