Howdy ya'll…it's Emily!

  • Rick and Maree – Nastea is with us. What an amazing girl. We’re having so much fun with her.
  • Lovells – Galina is here, too. She is amazing and understands EVERY word we say. A translator in training. Jen has been having a lot of really great conversations with her – a lot of great one on one time. I thought you would be happy to know that.
  • We’re sitting here in the internet cafe, and the guy working the desk asked Dan, the translator, if I’ve ever worked in Falesti. He’s from the orphanage there. He’s the older brother of the Roditza (sp?) siblings – the one with the dark skin and really blue eyes. He recognized me from pictures. I said, “Yes! I know their sponsor, Colleen!!” What a small little Moldovan world.
  • It’s great to be back here. I feel so at home in this country and with these people.
  • We’re sweaty…really sweaty. (but drinking lots of water, mom!)
  • The bed-builders completed about half of the beds today. We hired a guy to spray paint the stain, so it goes MUCH quicker. They’ll probably finish early, so we plan on painting the swing set (which has no swings) and buying swings for it. We thought it would be a neat jesture. We’re going to paint them bright yellow and red.
  • Ok, I should probably go. I’m sure the team is wondering where I am.
  • To my family, friends and everyone praying. I love you, and thank you SO much for praying! We can definitely feel your prayers. What a blessing it is to be here and serve this team and these people

Grace and peace,


  • Ame – Andrei is with us. He says hello to you, he is working hard and having a lot of fun.