So this has been a completely different week than last year. The kids were not a friendly (for lack of a better word) right away as the chidren in falesti. But as the week has progressed they have definitely become attached. I really struggled with this because last year Cristina was attached to my arm from the very beginning. I didn’t understand why this camp was SO different from last year. The girls in my Bible study were not responsive, and didn’t answer any of the questions, I maybe knew two kids names, and was really upset that I hadn’t made any life long friends yet. After praying, I was still in the dark and had no answers.
Who would of know that God works in mysterious ways…..haha.
There is this girl named Anastasia who is from the orphange in Chisnau who came on the trip with us. She is good friends with Jen and speaks a little english. She has been staying with us all week, but i haven’t really had the chance to talk to her. Yesterday Jen asked her to come to the gym with me during free time and help translate, and from there Anastasia and i became friends. We started talking and i love her to death. She is the sweetest girl. She is 17 actually coming to the US in Aug. on a student Visa to live with her sponspors and go to school 🙂
I got to thinking… why not ask Anastasia to come to our Bible study today?? So i approached her and she was SOO excited to come. I talked on prayer and how important it is to talk to God. I had all the girls go off and pray by themselves and offered to pray with any of the if they would like to. I saw Anastasia and walked over to her, I asked her what she was praying about and she said she was not baptized. I tried to explain about baptism and how you need to ask for Jesus’ forgivness in order to do this, and baptism is a sign that you have accepted Jesus into your heart. She didn’t quite understand the english word forgivness so we we back to the group and decided to grab a translator. Suprisingly, there were 6 girls there who were all waiting to talk one on one with me. Anastasia said it would be alright if i talked to them first then came back to her. I spoke with two girls who told me about what a hard life they have had, i cannot even begin to imagine going through some of the things the girls were explaining to me.
A little later I grabbed Olesia (the translator) and Anastasia and we headed to the room to talk. Anastasia explained that in past camps she has prayed to God, then gone and done the complete opposite of what she was praying about. She said that this week she has realized that that is not what she needed to do and then and there she accepted Christ into her heart and asked for His forgiveness for what she had done. I was so amazed. Emily came in and talked with us for a little while also.
Anastasia told everyone about her new family in God and everyone was SOO happy for her. Later, I walked outside to see Anastasia outside with Jen, Casie, and the two girls I had talked to earlier. And what would you know, Anastasia was talking to them about her decision today and then and there prayed with both girls to accept Christ into there hearts as well.
It’s so crazy that all week i was frustrated about not getting to know the children, when what God wanted me to do was right under my nose.
Thank you for everyone’s support and prayers. I can’t wait to come back and share with everyone how amazing the Lord is and how sometimes what he wants you to do is right there, you just have to step back and let Him take you where He wants you to go.]]>