Survivor Moldova!

First we begin with Aileen who jumped back from a nasty cold caught from a previous trip to Spain only to encounter the most persistant mosquito the world has ever beheld. Aileen, unaware of the mosquito’s carnage, was taken aback when her fellow participants alerted her to the fact that her face was swelling quite rapidly. Not 24 hours later, she was nearly blinded when wood chips and lead paint flew into her eyes while tying to open a door. Last but not least, she encountered a almost lethal spider bite which was promptly attended to by Nurse Amy. Thankfully, she lives to tell the tale.
Jane has been a strong contender for the title since the beginning. Undergoing the most disgusting of occurances, her shower buddy dropped both her towel and clothes into the bacteria-ridden shower floor, not once but twice. This was followed by a dead bird that fell out of the sky onto her leg just today. If she doesn’t die from the Avian Flu, it will be a miracle.
Rusty has been fighting for first place by being drilled by aiport officials at both Budapest and Chisnau regarding his and Stephanie’s passports, allowing children to drill into his leg while putting beds together, being stung by a wasp on his ankle, and undergoing bug torture from sleeping on the floor every night. Thankfully, the engineer in him came up with the perfect 3 step survival method “grab, squish, flick.” This fool-proof method allows you to view your aftermath the next morning (specifically, a 4 inch centipede found this morning).
The extreme heat was too much for Stephanie,but she battled backwith 7 bottles of Sprite!
Amy Helms took the cake when she was wacked in the TEETH with a bed being carried by a child. The force thus caused her head to be thrushed into the wall behind her. She walked away without a scratch.
Dehydration and heat have been constant battle, as well as the untamed Moldovian outbackOutbackherding 80+
Lesia was still in the race until she was temporarily detained by the Budapest airport for carrying allegedly illegal materials into the country. To her relief, the gentleman holding the AK-47 assured her there was no need to worry. Natalie also experienced difficulty as she was the only participant on the team to find her survivor supplies had gone MIA from the Budapest airport. Thankfully, the reconnasaince team was able to recover all items. All in all, it has been an exhilerating week. Please stay tuned to find out who will win the title of Survivor Moldova!!!]]>