tp 10

1. Go for a long run without fear of running into an unmarked ditch/farmer and his cow on the side of the road/being run over by the driver of our big red van.2.Get a pedicure because our feet need professional help to get the Moldovian dirt out.3. Not blowing your nose every hour and seeing the kleenex filled with dirt.4. Eating a large salad that actually contains lettuce rather than just cucumbers and tomatoes.5. Taking a shower without 1)bacteria-infested water, 2) using the water that comes out of the showe head instead of the used 2 liter plastic Coke bottles, 3)balancing on one foot to attempt not to touch the fungus-ridden shower walls. 6. Walk down hallways that haven’t been tainted with the stench of what we’re convinced has to be diluted urine.7. waking up to an alarm instead of a rooster/fly on your face8. Sleeping without sweating through your clothes.9. A toilet that hasn’t been marinating old Caca that the children don’t flush.10. Be able to flush my used toilet paper as opposd to the plastic sack that holds all of it and contributes to #6.
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