Calarasi. I have no idea if I spelled that right so just sound it out. I was a bit nervous Sunday night because I felt a little bit unprepared. After getting there and seeing the copii (children) faces I said to myself, “I got this.” They were so young and well behaved. I was immediately impressed. I found myself being more excited then nervous. After feeling this rush of energy going through me I knew this was a God thing. I knew God had wanted me to in this small little church working with these handicapped copii! I led worship and I was so proud of myself. After singing a couple of songs, it was time for the skit. This was my big moment to let the kids see how thrilled I was to be there. I AM COLOR WONDER! I am the superhero who flies in everyday to kind of lead the worship. I ran out with my cape and mask on and was so energized to get the kids attention. They were like…laughing rocks? That is the only way I can put it. Before you think I am crazy let me tell you why I say laughing rocks. They were so still and quiet. They would not move because they did not want to miss one part of the skit. Then they would laugh and laugh at me. However, I don’t know if they were laughing at the jokes or laughing at how completely ridiculous I looked. As long as I got their attention, I didn’t care. There were only about 20 copii’s there today. I think there will be more tomorrow because they will tell the other kids about the wonderful…COLOR WONDER!!! We ended up only having two bible study groups. I liked this a lot because there were so many people to help teach. At four o’clock we left to go to a village. Everyday we will go to this village and work with the copii’s there. We will have bible study and recreation. Today we didn’t get to have our mini camp. We just visited with the kids. Also today is my little boy, Eugen’s birthday!!!! He is eleven and still adorable. I guess that is about it. I can not wait to see what other crazy things God has planned for us this week. I wake up and ask God, “What are you going to do with me today God?”]]>