thankfulness for the farmers. I know they were thrilled to see rain.
Today the team told me it was Bekah day. I had a very busy day. This morning I had the devotional, at camp I led evening worship by sharing my testimony, then tonight was my turn to blog. I am so shocked today when I shared my testimony. I thought that they wouldn’t realy listen. I thought I would just share it and then move on to the next part of worship. I was so amazed at how much they listened. Just looking out into the crowed of 2o kids, I felt God telling me to keep talking to them. I talked and talked. They listened and listened. I watched their faces and knew some of them wanted to accept Christ into their heart. They looked at me as if saying, “Hey, I want to say this prayer!” I told them they could come and talk to me and I would be more than happy to help them make any descision they feel they should make. Still now of them really moved or came to me. I know that this is God’s calling for me this week. I need to make sure I do not leave this week with any descisions not made. Please pray for me about this!!
I am completely exhausted. My bed is calling my name. Oh, I learned a new Romanian word. It’s somnusor, which means sweet dreams!]]>