The beds are finished and beautiful

I’ll try to tell you some things that others haven’t. Like, I really enjoy our hour ride each morning to the church and then after church camp with the kids, we have a 30 minute trip to another village to play with whoever shows up on a soccer field (more about that later.) But, the contrast is amazing. You see busy streets with electric trolley buses full of commuters, lots of people walking, etc. but then closer to villages, you all of a sudden will drive past a farmer with an ox driven wagon. We’ve seen them hauling coal, rubbish, vegetables, corn, bricks, etc. They just go their own pace as everyone else whizes by. Every few miles you pass corn field next to a vineyard, next to a beautiful sunflower field. Such beauty because we are sort of in a valley as we drive. This afternoon at the village soccer field, the kids were waiting for us as we rounded the corner. They they were, over 25 or so just smiling and waving. Some were there on Monday and Tuesday. It was a beautiful day with a great breeze. An older woman in the traditional dress of the older people here, head dress, house dress below the knees, and then socks and shoes actually had a mother turkey tied to a string and she was walking it to her home while its babies followed. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. She would kick the turkey ever once in a while to change its direction and she whistled just like it to call the babies over. Today was a blessing. After bible school we went in the vans with the children to the orphange. We called them all into the room to see the beds which our team had made. We had one made up with lion sheets, a beautiful blue blanket, soft pillowand a tiger beanie baby on it. Jen asked for a volunteer to try out the bed, so Andrei climbed in and just loved it. Especially the soft pillow. He laid very still while JEN Told the kids how these beds were replacing their old ones and that when they came to school in the fall, every child would have one. She shared with them beautifully about God’s love for them and told them that when they were sick or sad or lonely to remember when they climbed into the covers, that someone in AMERICA had told them that GOD loved them so much. I pray that in those times they will pull out their Bibles and read God’s word to strentghen them.
We then went into their room and saw their bathrooms and beds where they have been sleeping. Some of the mattresses sagged to the floor. ELENA insisted that I sit in one with her. We immediately sank to the floor with my rather large body. We sank fast to say the least and laughed and laughed as it was hard for me to get up! Guess what I found on a desk in their room! They have been playing dot to dot on their own at night.
As we left them to head to the next village, they tried to climb back into the van. Tomorrow when we leave them for the final time it will be so hard. Today at lunch we noticed we were missing Zena. She was on the playground alone crying. She had told Bekah that she wanted someone to take her home with them.
Time for bed. Love to you all. God is so good.
Debbie D.]]>