Seeing the kids at our camp smiling bigger and bigger every day as they came in warmed my heart in a way that words can’t describe. I am coming home with so many great memories from the past week, including Danute with his speedo the first day at the park, teaching all the kids cinci, and Bekah’s baptism in the pool today. Leaving here in the morning is going to be so hard. I just want a few more days with the kids. I guess its better to leave wanting something more so that it will give you the desire to come back, which I definitely have. Our team has gotten so close and I am going to miss seeing and spending time with everyone. Hopefully I will get the chance to come again and get just as close to another team! I’ll see everyone tomorrow! (Unless we don’t make our connection in New York! Which some of us are hoping will happen!)
With love,
Kelsey Drennan]]>