Preparing For DROCHIA

Will the orphanage look (and smell) like all the others I’ve seen in Moldova, or will this one be different?
Will the local volunteers be willing to work with us, and will they be willing to commit to ongoing ministry at this orphanage?
Will our team work well together, and will we accomplish our goals?
And most importantly, will we be willing to go as God leads, according to His purpose and His plan? I have no doubts about our team’s ability to shine a light into the lives of the children living in Drochia, but for some reason I’ve been particularly burdened about the staff at this orphanage. I pray that we as individuals and collectively as a team will influence their lives as well. Lord, prepare us to be ready to share the joy of Christ with whomever and wherever You give us an opportunity. I’ll be lone team member not coming from Nashville – instead, I’ll be flying out of Portland, Oregon. So to the rest of the team I say: enjoy the Packing Party, prepare as much as you can, and then realize once that plane leaves the ground, you are no longer in control – and that’s the way God wants it. I’ll see y’all in Chicago.