Sunday in Moldova

1) Singing
2) Welcome/Introduction
3) Singing
4) Introduction from our team to the church
5) Singing
6) Sermon #1
7) Singing
8) Singing (this time led by our team)
9) Singing (specifically for the 70+ crowd)
10) Sermon #2
11) Song/Offering
12) Closing Note that there were additional ‘mini-sermons’ built in to this schedule that I can’t fully classify due to my lack of Russian fluency. Also note that except for items 4 & 8, the above were all in Russian (ok, or maybe some Romanian as well). Thankfully, our translators were sitting with us; so we did our best to pay attention to both the preacher and the translators. Despite the differences of format and language, the love of the people in the church was definitely visible for us. They welcomed us with open arms and prayed for us and our mission this week. Additionally, they spoke and prayed about how our work this week would be visible to the greater community–showing many people the love of God through our work (a prayer echoed by this team). After church, we decided to go to a great little local spot for lunch. Unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t really have a desire to serve us. This seemed a little odd, and seemed moreso when the next restaurant refused as well. I’m fairly sure we all took showers and had on clean clothes, so I’m not sure what the problem was. Having given up on having lunch in Drochia, we returned to Balti and ate at Andy’s Pizza. (In case you were wondering, Andy wasn’t there–apparently Andy doesn’t own Andy’s Pizza anymore.) The food and fellowship was great. (If you’re in the area, the Rancho pizza–hold the mushrooms–is a good choice. I’d also recommend the potato balls. Imagine fried round bits of potato–yum!) Finally, we returned to the team house for some rest and preparation for our work this week. We closed out the evening by having dinner at another restaurant (accepted on the first try, this time) and then returning to the team house to fellowship and then head to bed. I think that today set up the rest of the week very well: the team is working very well together and the people we’ve met so far are amazing in their willingness to welcome and serve. God is definitely here (not that that fact was ever in question) and I know He’s going to be using us this week. Thanks to all of you for all of your prayers both in preparation for this trip and while we’re over here. To paraphrase one of our translators, saying that God has a plan here is like saying wet water. John]]>