Beds on Fire….

That’s right my friends, after another day of hard work and beautiful weather, we smogged up the atmosphere with a total of 131 smoking matresses. We still have a few to go but I can’t tell you the joy it brought me to see those stinking, rotten, digusting, smelly, and just plain wrong piles of bedding in a smoldering heap. Injustice burning. It felt like permanent freedom for each of those kids. The director of the orphanage told us the beds were over 50 years old. Goodbye and good ridance…. I couldn’t wait to spread the news to the rest of the team that our precious and so dear copi would never ever sleep in them again! ANd for that, we give all the praise to God! I swear these kids get smarter and cuter and more huggable each time I come here.
While we were making the pretty pink beds today, one girl around 10 or so started crying in frustration because she couldn’t get her bedspread to look right inside of her duvet cover. After making it right we snuggled in her new bed together with her head on my shoulder… she hasn’t left my side since! More to come… Sweet sleep tonight…. Eimy ( how they spelll my name here)