Double Double This This

First let me say a big happy birthday to my mom in Upton, KY. Today is her 81st birthday. I love you, Mom. You’re the best. I have been mindful of you all day as I have had so many hugs and kisses from kids who have not have the love and joy you have given me all my life. I’ll see you soon!!
I have read all the blogs so far and want to add just a couple thoughts from our days so far.
As said, travel went amaingly well. We even ate at a McDonald’s in the Frankfort airport. Seems like they are everywhere, even in Moldova. When we landed in Moldova, we had the two hour drive to where we are staying in Balti. It was approaching dusk and I was so tired but didn’t want to miss a thing on the drive. We left the capital city of Chisnau and the hustle and bustle of traffic there and soon were in the country side with mostly two lane roads with ruts (picture St. John roads but worse only these are all flat roads.) God provided the most beautiful sunset, huge big orange ball of fire, that we drove toward as it set. It reminded me of a beauitful sunset Leon and I shared in Sedona. Laborers were leaving their fields for the day, walking their cows home and women and men all carrying hoes, picks, sickles, etc.
There is a different rhythm to this country. The fields are beautiful and the people go about their work diligently. There are acres and acres of sunflower fields and vineyards. It is early spring here and the crops are a foot high at best. I so enjoy our drive each morning and evening to our village of Drochia (about 30+ minutes) because the tree lined roads and fields are so peaceful. And, I am always looking for the horse drawn carts loaded with their results from the days work. The people are always already at work hoeing in the fields by 8:00 as we drive out and then again in the evening at 6 are still at it and/or finishing. Women in skirts, headscarfs, sto ckings, etc. This morning I say a young women pulling a hand plow while the older woman was behind her guiding it straight. I have seen a few tractors, too.
Okay, now for the great part, the kids at the orphanage. They are filled with so much love and eager to learn whatever English they can. I’ve asked and many of these kids have never seen Americans, but the French have been here.
We carry our bed parts: headboards, footboards, side rails, thick particle board for the foam mattresses to lie on, the foam mattresses, and bedding from the cafeteria area across the dirt rocky, yard to the dorms. We began on the third floor and worked our way down. The team is amazingly organized and after the kids caught the hang of what we were doing, it was even easier today. I would round the corner with parts, and they would take them from me and head upstairs. I must say I was extremely thankful today for that. Last night I was so tired, I literally put my adidas workout pants on backwards! That won’t surprise a couple of you a bit.
Today was fun. The kids are trying to learn more English. Today I got a group around and we counted in English over and over. They loved that. And, Kelsey taught them a hand game: double double this this, double double that that, etc. That has been a great game We haven’t pulled out the dot to dot yet as we have been so busy building the beds. Today, we finally had time to do a little crafts: pony bead necklaces and color sheets.
One last thing. The kids are so excited about their beds, that they took out more of their old beds yesterday than we had time to replace. I think the director found them a place to sleep for the night. I asked the kids who had beds last night how they slept and they said great with huge smiles, grins, and hugs. One boy told me they didn’t make noise.
It seems what little we give of ourselves: this or that, God is literally doubling. We are getting so much done under His power. Thank you for youк prayers. Kelsey aтв I are having sucha wonderful time, even better than last year and that’s saying alot.
Much Love,