Jully Fuish!

I’m a little late in the blogging game on this trip but I have a full appreciation for the saying better late than never! so I’m just gonna jump on in with some stories! First: The AWESOME Birthday Party-
From now on I want to have all of my birthday parties here! While the boys were finishing up building the last few beds the girls went into the cafeteria to decorate. We had Nemo stuff for the boys and Princess stuff for the girls! They were so cute when they found where we had all gone and found out about the party…at first only a handfull of kids were around so not many knew, but news travels at the speed of light in Moldova! in no time all of the kids knew and were fighting over who got to peek through the window at what all of us Americans were doing.

About 30 minutes later everything was ready and the kids came in through the tunnel formed by all of us with the exception of a few “Too cool for school” big kids and with the addition with a number of teachers who were more excited than the kids! I have the lipstick marks on my cheeks to prove that! Their excitement for something that I take for granted more often than I can even recall was so refreshing! (by thу way Moldovan chocolate pies are delicious!) Second: Jelly Fish-
I’m sure that you are wondering why in the world the title of my blog is jelly fish…well get ready because you are about to find out! Monday, the first day, I was all excited about teaching the kids “cinci” (high five) but someone beat me o it so i had to com up with something else to impress the kids so after a little while of pondering idea after idea of what could set me apart from the rest of the group, I came up with the brilliant (ifI do say so myself) idea of Jelly Fish. So I went up to the first kid I saw and just grabbed his hand which by the look on his face seemed to be a bit out of the ordinary to him but that was ok because I couldn’t understand anything he was saying about me anyways. So I had his hand and just made up a simple little handshake and then at the end I let go and made my hand look like a jelly fish and said jelly fish. He just stared at me blankly so I said “spoonya jelly fish” now what came out of his mouth sounded more like jully fuish so we practiced but it didn’t really help much so i just told him good job and he went on his way. Now this didn’t seem very successful so I wen to a group of kids and did it again and the same result with a little more enthusiasm came about so I made it a point to go up to every kid I saw and did the jully fuish. The next day my name was jully fuish but that was ok with me! at least I sort of made a difference! I am so glad that I was able to and called to come back to Moldova again this summer and meet so many amazing kids and have such a great team! I am so blessed to be here and won’t ever forget that! Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers that have blessed this team and all of the encouragement that we have all recieved this week from you!
Thanks For Reading! -Kelsey Drennan