Team Cookout

Tonight we had our team cookout! It was nice to hang out with team members as we were able to talk more and get to know each other. Our meeting was prior to the cookout and it reminded all of us how quickly the departure date is approaching. Just 3 weeks and we’ll be on a plane headed there! We all discussed some fears we had in going to Moldova tonight and it was neat to find scripture to pray over those fears. Mission trips always seem to remind us the mighty works God is capable of doing, and how unknown they are to us- what will God do with us as we go, as we work, as we play with the children? We fear the way he is going to change us through this trip- what will he do to my heart, my life, my plans? It’s even quite amazing to fathom how limitless God really is- He can do anything! There is nothing He can’t do! I pray that as we go we are open to letting him do whatever it is he wants to do in us, through us, for us. I pray that we will be changed, moved, and possibly gloriously wrecked (as Stuart mentions). If we can be open to allowing him to do that- I believe He will and he wants to do so much!
I look forward to going, to seeing what He is going to do, and I pray that He is preparing us for his incredible works! Team picture of cookout!]]>