Monday in Moldova

We just returned from the orphanage at Ialoveni and we are all bone tired. I don’t think any of us will have any trouble sleeping tonight!!
We got quite a few beds assembled. Had to disassemble the old beds. Everything had to be carried down or carried up 6 flights of stairs. Wasn’t long before we were all sweating. The girls were the weaklings…it took 2 of us to carry up the mattresses and bed frames…the guys of course had to show off their muscles and they carried them up all by themselves. Some of the kids helped us. And a couple of the workers pitched in too. One lady put us all to shame…she carried one sheet of plywood up all the stairs by herself…the guys could barely do it, and it took 2 of us girls. But I noticed she didn’t volunteer to carry anymore after that one! We sure appreciated whatever help we got!
The workers in the orphanage were so nice. One lady told us she had been working in this orphanage since 1960! She said all the children called her “grandma”. We asked her when she was going to retire. She laughed and said when someone sent lots of money her way. She makes only $50-60 per month and said she needs to keep working. She cleans in the morning and cares for the children in the evening, sleeping at the orphanage.
We had a short worship service before we left. We planned to sing (I don’t know how to spell any of this)
“Rotsi, rotsi, boom, boom, boom” since all the children in Moldova seem to know it and love to sing it loud…..But…this group didn’t know it…so we sang it and introduced it to them. Then the workers requested that we sing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. How random is that!! So we did..and the workers started doing hand motions to it!! Who knew it had hand motions?! So we started improvising and adding motions. There was a group from Great Britain over earlier in the month…guess they taught it to them. We were laughing…some of our group didn’t even know it.
Sweet sleep tonight!!
Love you all,