We Told Those Beds Who Was Boss

copii and wondering how we were going to remember this past week without little names and faces and stories. Our ever so wise and fearless leader, Jen, reminded me that sometimes God doesn’t reveal his plan for us until the very last moment… our job is to trust and wait patiently, and she was right! Because we didn’t have extra time with the kids, we had ample time to build beds, meaning we finished a whole day early. So in a completely Moldovan, unexpected-twist, we got to ride up to Orhei this morning and add to the beds that the Kairos team (that came in March) completed half of, at an orphanage for severely handicapped boys. As God would have it, this was the highlight of the week for all of us! We completed 55 beds in just 3 1/2 hours! We were so pumped to get this job done and the boys were such a HUGE help that we literally stormed that school and, in massive style held a bed building vigil of extreme proportions! It was awesome! Then our favorite Moldovan resident named Martin (who will be happy to tell you just how famous he is 🙂 serenaded us with a beautiful song of thanks to God… we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we played in new beds…. it was an outstanding day at the Casa De Copii! To top it off, we drove to Transnistruea and back just to see the only waterfall in Moldova with a monastery visit and death hike in between… ask someone about that one when we get back 🙂 But little did we know that the day still held surprises when we returned back to the team house! In a perfect alignment of the stars, moon, Moldovan government and the water gnomes, there was a MIHAI sighting! For those of you who know about Jen’s elusive sponsor child Mihai, aka the Brad Pitt of Moldova, he came to Chisnau tonight and we got to spend some time with him during dinner this evening! I came around the corner and there he was playing cards with Jen like he’d been there all along! I cried like a baby! It means so much to Jen to get to see him when we can and he represents so much of why we are here… I just loved it! Other than that, we are packing like mad and getting ready for the airport in the morning! Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement! We will see you in Nashville!
God with you… Amy]]>