Live from Moldova!!!

Hello from Moldova!

Over the last two days I’ve had a chance to spend some time with the children at two of the orphanages our teams will be building beds for this year. It’s been cold and damp here, but their faces are happy and bright….especially when they are taling about getting new beds!

We’ve got lots of work ahead of us. Our teams always count on the kids at each orphanage to help with the building of their new beds. Today I asked a group of 8th and 9th grade boys if they’d want to help build their beds…and the response was pretty much that we couldn’t get here quick enough….they wanted to help right away!

Many of the beds we saw today were completely falling apart. Sometimes Stuart would sit in a bed to see how low the metal springs would sag. Other times the orphanage director would advise him not to sit in a particular bed because it would break and hurt him. Can you imagine having to be so very careful about getting in to your bed so that you do not break it? Can you imagine laying for hours and hours on a bed with metal mesh springs that make it almost like you are sleeping in a hammock…a metal hammock? That’s just not a good nights sleep…..or healthy….or loving.

The truth is that NONE of these children will have beds this year if you (yes, YOU) don’t do something. There’s no reason you can’t help change the life of a child. Pass this post/blog along in your emails . Challenge your friends to join together to provide the funds for just one bed. Decide to step out of your comfort zone and GO on a trip. The dates are posted on our site—the children help….but they need you to direct and love them.

The children need you. What will you do?

Tomorrow we head to Africa to meet with scads of orphanage directors and pastors. We look forward to sharing what God opens our hearts to in Kenya and Uganda.

See you in the next blog,