This week…in pictures

There comes a time, even for me, when you really are at a loss for words. Stuart and I have been away from home for over a week exploring ministry opportunities for Sweet Sleep to provide beds and bedding to orphaned and abandoned children. We have almost a week remaining and appreciate your prayers for what more God has in store for us to see. We’ve heard countless tragic stories of children’s lives and have seen things that we simply have no words for. And, today I nearly broke down into tears during one of our afternoon stops when I saw the sleeping conditions the children were enduring. So, tonight I’ve decided to share the faces and places of what we’ve seen. Sometimes pictures just don’t do things justice, but I hope you can appreciate a little glimpse of what opportunities and challenges we can accomplish together. The children we saw this afternoon are cared for at an orphanage where widows help to raise them. Here, in the room above, there are no beds and the children simply spread out the dirty foam mattresses you see pictured. A precious boy at a Kenyan orphanage. He would love to have a bed and a mattress. At this orphanage in Uganda, the children sleep on the pieces of foam that they have available. Sweet angels in a Kenyan orphanage. Several of these children are HIV positive and would love to have a place to dream. You would not believe me when I told you how many children sleep on this foam on the floor because they have no other place to sleep. A bed is just something that they can dream about having.

Love. Love. Love.

Sweet Dreams to you all. See you in the next blog,