A heart inspired!

Their expectations are so low and I see God working through this mission. They were so very excited to see us today after yesterday. So many of them started yelling and waving out of their windows, it is so beautiful and heart-warming. They have the sweetest spirits for living the life they do. I noticed today that the children were in the same clothes as yesterday and the odors were a little different but at day 2 you notice it but it makes no difference. You just want to love on these kids, hug them, touch them, tell them they are beautiful, tell them Jesus loves them, Jesus made them unique, Jesus has a very special plan for each of them. They can dream, they can hope, Jesus will always be with them, He will hear there prayers, Jeremiah 29:11. They wanted so much to please us. They tried speaking English saying, “hello”, “You are my friend”, “I want a picture with you.” etc. They wave, they smile, they giggle when you show them attention. The boys are absolutely adorable-they are the ones who giggle so joyously when they speak to you and you speak back-they all love it. They crave attention, they yearn for it, they need it. They deserve it! My heart feels overjoyed and yet I ache for the reality of leaving them tomorrow. Does that make sense. I have a Mom-crush on some as I mentioned, but there are 2 that won’t leave my heart. They stood out today. Stella, who sat by me on a new bed and wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder. How often do they get this outside of their friendships? We took pictures together I’ll be able to post later. Then there is Andrei (Andy). I am in love. He haunts me at night and during the day and today I HAD to talk to the Director and his teacher, just to find out about his story (and yes to sort of find out if I needed to find an adoption agency to send an application!) Breathe Jeff! He is the sweetest, most beautiful boy-He is close to my son’s age. (for those that don’t know me, I LOVE adoption and this is where God has led us in creating our family-we have one adopted son from Ukraine and one daughter adopted from China). We want a third.
Anyway, his story is not so bad and he sees his mother on breaks-doesn’t know his dad. I am glad that he has a family, but the selfish part of my heart cries. No, I don’t think he would be better with us, but I can’t help feeling a tiny bit heartbroken-totally selfish reasons and I’m praying on this!! I must close for now so others can use the computer too. This trip is changing the group-it is wonderful. Thank you God for this group, this mission, Sweet Sleep, and the kids!]]>