Prayers For Valeriu Ghiletchi, Moldova Elections

Please pray for Valeriu Ghiletchi, Bishop of the Baptist Union of Moldova. His term as Bishop is expiring and he is running for Parliament. The President of Moldova, Vladamir Voronin, has served his 2 consecutive terms as President and is now required to step down. He is threatening to try to change the law or force his way into the Prime Minister position where he can continue to run the country. He is the leader of the Communist part, which most people want out of leadership. Young people who have left Moldova are allowed to vote but only at Moldovan embassies, which are few. When asked to open more polling locations, the government, controlled by the Communist party, denied the request since older people, the majority left in Moldova, are loyal to the Communists. Parliamentary elections will be held April 5th. The President will be elected from the party with majority control in May. This election is crucial for Moldova. Please read this note from Val and join us in praying for him during this time. Thanks for praying for Val and this country we love! Sweet Sleep

Dear friends,

Greetings from Moldova. My second term as the Bishop of the Baptist Union comes to an end this summer. About two years ago I started to pray for my future ministry. After this time of prayer and reflection, I have decided to run for the upcoming Parliament elections, that will take place on April 05.

In spite of many difficulties and obstacles I see how God is blessing this campaign. At the same time there many challenges. At the end of last week I was attacked by the mass media controlled by the Christian Democratic Party as well as two of our pastors who went on a TV show broadcast from this party accusing me that as a minister I am involved in dirty politics.

Please Pray:

  • for fair elections, for a victory in these elections, for a change in the government (we have a communist government now),
  • for the protection of myself and my family during this campaign and recent attacks,
  • for me to be salt and light in the midst of a dark political realm,
  • for God’s wisdom to give a correct and godly answer,
  • for the unity among evangelicals,
  • for a spiritual and material well-being of the country,
  • for strength to continue in spite of all the challenges,
  • for the financial support of the campaign.

I will try to keep you updated of how things go with the campaign. I am very thankful for your prayer support.

Valeriu Ghiletchi