A week later, and l want to go back! :D

Well, it has been a week since I have returned from my trip, and I think I am falling more and more in love with Moldova with each passing day! My experience was something that I will never forget! It is hard to express this experience in words- whenever I think about it, I become overwhelmed and speechless. As soon as I arrived in Moldova, I remember thinking, “Where have I been my whole life? What have I been doing?” I knew right away that I was made for this- this is what God has created me for. Meeting those kids and bringing joy and hope into their lives made my heart swell more than it ever has in my whole life! Leaving was very hard to do, but what I am learning now is something that is very important. When I got back to the States, I almost felt displaced because I felt like my heart was still in Moldova, but my body was here! I am learning that it’s OK to leave part of my heart there- and I know that it will always remain there. We had some incredible opportunities to minister during our week. Being able to work at two different orphanages was amazing! All of the children were incredibly sweet, and one little boy- Lilian- especially stole my heart. You might remember me talking about him in previous blogs 🙂 Lilian is six years old, and the result of a mom and dad who were addicted to drugs. His mom died when she was 19 (she had Lilian when she was 16) of a drug overdose. By this time, his dad was nonexistent, so his grandmother put both Lilian and his older sister into orphanages, and he has been there ever since. I could not completely tell what conditions he has, but I could tell that he understood when we talked to him. He even tried responding a couple times. His speech is slow and quiet, but our translator was able to understand a few times. Whenever I would touch Lilian, he would get this look on his face and he would lean into my touch. I know that he does not get touched and loved like he should, and it breaks my heart! I have included a picture of my precious Lilian, and I ask that you pray for him and the other orphans. My heart’s cry is that they experience the love that they deserve and so greatly want! After the trip was over, I knew that it was the end of the beginning for me. The excitement for the future is evident in my everyday thoughts! I am so excited to see what God has for me, and where He will lead me. I’m not sure what exactly He is calling me to, but I know that my work with orphans will continue. For now, please pray that I remain content in finishing school and that I don’t try to jump ahead of God. Isaiah 55:9 says, “Your ways are higher than my ways- your thoughts higher than my thoughts.” This is my continual prayer- to live for my Jesus, and to remember that He is always beside me! God knows what I need much more than I do, and I want Him to be in control! I remember one time I was talking to my dad, and he said, “If you could see what God sees, you would pick His way every time!” That is so true, and I pray that you implement that not only in your decisions, but into your daily life. Even though this particular trip to Moldova is over, the work there is far from being finished! The blog below is about Moldova’s upcoming elections, and specific things to pray for. During my week there, I learned a lot about the corrupt government and the horrible things that the communists do to stay in control. At the beginning of April, they will be holding elections for a new Parliament. It is VERY important that the communists do not have majority in Parliament because Parliament elects the new President! Included is a note from Valeriu Ghiletchi asking for your prayer. His son, Eugen, was one of our translators for the week and they are an amazing family! Please be praying for them. 🙂 These elections are very important, and I ask that you continue to pray for Moldova and its people. If you (or anyone you know) would be interested in going on a Sweet Sleep trip, there is an upcoming trip to Moldova in May and another to Africa in July. I greatly encourage and promote these trips because I have seen first hand the amazing ways that God uses those who are faithful to Him. If you step out in faith, and follow God’s plan for you, your life will never be the same! To God be all the glory and all the praise!