Sweet Sleep Goes ORANGE!

Orange Conference – hosted by Northpoint Community Church/Re:Think Group. I’ve tried to go to this conference before and its never worked out. I actually got a free pass one time from Reggie Joiner, the Children’s Pastor at Northpoint, for getting a speeding ticket with 3 other children’s ministers in my car at a conference at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado. But we’ll save that story for another time. 🙂

Sweet Sleep is honored to be part of the Social Justice Village at Orange. This is a special interactive display area for organizations that fight for justice for the poor. Stuart and I can’t wait to get down there and introduce these churches to the life-changing ministry of Sweet Sleep and our vision to tirelessly and passionately pursue the goal of providing “a bed for every head.” If you’re in Atlanta this week, stop by the Gwinnett Center and see us! We’ll have our bed from an actual Moldovan orphanage, new information about our work in Uganda and more! We hope to post pictures here upon our return, and I hope this time I don’t get any speeding tickets. 🙂
Thank you for your support of our ministry! Tell some friends about Sweet Sleep today…
jon merryman